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HIRSH GARDNER: The Forrest Gump of Rock n' Roll History - Entry # 1

It's funny I was doing an interview a few years ago and telling a bunch of rock and roll on the road stories. The interviewer said to me, "you know Hirsh you sound like the Forrest Gump of rock and roll." It seems that the story that I was telling was a moment in Rock and Roll history that became either a turning point, an historical moment or just a brief encounter with some of my personal idols at a point in their career that was significant. His comment was hilarious to me as that week I had just watched the Forrest Gump movie with Tom Hanks for about the 4th or 5th time.

A few of my Forrest Gump stories. A few of these stories have rather sad endings but they are historical in the venue of rock and roll. We were on the road with AC DC and got to meet all the guys in the band. They were just fabulous. Angus loaned us one of his Marshall amps one night in Cincinnati when we were getting a lot of RF noise from our Marshall amp. I remember sitting on the stage when they were playing just transfixed on the Rhythm Section of that band. My God they were so tight. And Bon Scott was absolutely the best lead vocalist that I had ever heard in my life up to that point. He was just incredible and such a nice guy. But man could that boy party. The tour ended in Texas and AC-DC all left for home...except Bon. As I understand it he returned to England where the party continued. It was a short time later that we all heard the sad news...Bon Scott had died. Being part of that final tour meant a lot to me as I had so much admiration for that band after touring with them.

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