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BOSTON - Hirsh Gardner is widely known (with good reason) as the thunderous drummer of the melodic-rocking, AOR band New England, who released three dynamic albums from 1978-1983, which included the Top 40-hit “Don’t Ever Wanna Lose Ya.” However, the scope of Gardner’s talents goes far beyond drumming. He is also a strong vocalist and song writer, a guitar player, and is also a renowned producer.


Add solo artist to the list as well, as Gardner released his second effort in August, titled My Brain Needs A Holiday. Recorded in his Boston recording studio (as well as his home studio), the new CD features eight original tracks, penned by Gardner, as well as two carefully chosen cover tracks. The songs create a lot of different vibes, some that are similar to that of New England, and some that are not. You hear that classic, melodic rock style, but also a variety of crunching guitars, catchy hooks, instrumental loops and a couple of ballads mixed in.


And now, Hirsh introduces us to The Hirsh Gardner Project. “I’ve carefully chosen some of the best musicians to play with in this band...I mean Tony Puleo on bass (also plays with Blue Man Group), Joe Feloni on guitar who’s been with me for quite some time, Nat Saralamba, a guitar phenom from Bankok Thailand, David Sumner, a multi instrumentalist on keys, and last but certainly not least Steven Michael Sorum on drums (the hardest job in this band ‘cause he has to put up me!!!) I’m honored to be playing with these folks”.


Review by Joe Milliken * Photos courtesy of Hirsh Gardner

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