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Hirsh Gardner: The Forrest Gump of Rock n' Roll History - Entry#2

And then of course there's the events with the John Cougar band as we toured throughout the Midwest with them. Cougar had a reputation as a real hothead. And as I understand it he was kicked off the Kiss tour just prior to joining up with New England. Obviously he knew that we were involved with Kiss because of our connection with Paul Stanley producing our first album and Bill Aucoin, who managed Kiss, also managed our band. To make a long story short they busted into our dressing room one night demanding to use our bathroom just after we had completed and extremely hot set. Cougar was incredibly obnoxious and prompted me to jump up with my bottle of Southern Comfort and try to smack him in the head with the bottle. Fortunately for both of us we were separated and they left the dressing room. Years later I met Kenny Aronoff, the drummer in the band, and Kenny looks at me and says man you look familiar. And I said, oh yeah! Do you remember the gig in Ohio and the fight that ensued in the dressing room with the band New England? Kenny was like laughing because he remembered the situation like it were yesterday. We both hugged and became fast friends after that. Another incident that was a true Forrest Gump moment was when a friend of mine took me to a recording studio in New York late one night after partying at Tracks, a well-known club in the city. We walked into the studio, there was nobody there, and went into one of the recording rooms where John Lennon's sessions were taking place. I walked through the studio and just drooled over all of the instruments that were on the floor knowing that John Lennon had been in that room recording just that afternoon. The Fender Rhodes piano the Rickenbacker guitars the gorgeous drum sets. This was where John was recording the Imagine!!! We went on our way that night and I was left with such incredible memories. It was shortly thereafter the John Lennon's life was ended buy a maniacal fan as he stepped out of his limo to go into his home.

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